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Pastor Mark R. Renn

Please use the media files contained on this page to enhance your personal spiritual journey while you are away from us.  To search for SERMON, please use the search tools below to select by date, speaker, or Scripture.  There are also a number of VIDEOS created for use at Providence Presbyterian Church. 

If you desire to use them for anything other than personal viewing, please contact Mark Renn at


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07/11/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2010_07_11.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Luke
Download 2010_07_11.mp3
05/30/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn The Joy of Suffering? (2010_05_30.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Romans 5:1-5
also James 1:2-3
Download 2010_05_30.mp3
05/23/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn We Didn't Start the Fire (2010_05_23_20th_anniversary.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Acts 2:1-13
On the 20th Anniversary of Providence Presbyterian Church, also the Day of Pentecost.
Download 2010_05_23_20th_anniversary.mp3
05/16/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn What Are You Wearing?! (2010_05_16.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Colossians 3:12-17
also Acts 16:25-34
Download 2010_05_16.mp3
02/28/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn Enough (2-28-10.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Philippians 3:17-4:1
and Romans 3:27-30
Download 2-28-10.mp3
02/21/2010Rev. Mark R. Renn The Nature of My Game (2-21-10sermon.mp3)
Sermon MP3 Luke 4:1-13
Download 2-21-10sermon.mp3

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