Plug-in: Music Ministry

Plug-In: Providence Presbyterian Church Music Ministries

Plug-In is a free monthly gathering, showcasing local musical talent.

The next Plug-in—Saturday, February 23, 7-10 pm—features Laurie Anne Armour, Bryant Gilley, and Daniel Dennis.

Providence Presbyterian Church Director of Music Ministries Justin Gipson talks about Plug-In: "Mobile is host to a great deal of talent in the musical realm, yet void of opportunities for these talented individuals to work and play together. When I was writing and playing in Mobile, I always envisioned creating a network of musicians with many styles and abilities. Songwriters are often very isolated, and in a world where publicizing shows falls on the performer, it can be difficult to spread new music. My dream for "Plug In" is to create an atmosphere where people can come together and enjoy music. For the artists, it is an opportunity to share new music with their fans and with the fans of other artists. For the church, it is an opportunity to display God-given talent and bring the people of the world into our backyard. This is an incredible venue for ministry, for outreach, and for artistic development. I look forward to what God will do in the coming year as this event develops."